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ActronAir Air Conditioning Brisbane

Back from a perfect surf in the beach? To complete this perfect morning, you want to walk into your beautiful Queenslander and enjoy a comfortable temperature and a refreshing glass of your favourite drink. With an ActronAir air conditioning unit, the first of those two items will always be possible.

When you live in one of the harshest climate on earth, and are subjected to extreme temperatures, you need air conditioning systems that are built to handle them. Australian engineered and manufactured since 1984, ActronAir’s air conditioners will never let you down, no matter how extreme the Queensland heat insists on being.

That’s because besides the very sleek design characteristic of all ActronAir ducted air conditioners, ActronAir also uses a high performance heat exchanger to cope with extreme heat waves and has a superior operating range of -10°C to 50°C.

ActronAir has been at the forefront of air conditioning technology and innovation from the day that Garry Mundy and his two sons established the company back in 1984. Today the company continues to prove its commitment to sustainable innovation by designing unique features that help customers monitor and control their air conditioning units from wherever they are.

Yes we are talking about ActronConnect, an easy way to wirelessly control your ActronAir residential ducted air conditioner via the ActronConnect App on Apple iOS devices or through supported web browsers from most smart phones, tablets or PC/Mac. A simple touch of your screen and your home will be waiting for you at the perfect temperature.

To find out more about the ActronAir’s range of ducted air conditioners, packaged air conditioners or commercial air conditioning units, visit www.actronair.com.au today.

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