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ActronAir Air Conditioning Melbourne

Australian owned and Australian managed, ActronAir have been designing and manufacturing ducted air conditioners, commercial air conditioners and packaged air conditioners since 1984. Today, ActronAir is synonymous with Australian superior efficiency and innovation.

Designed to keep you comfortable in the extreme temperatures you and your family live in Victoria and Tasmania, the ActronAir reverse cycle air conditioners operate at operating ranges of up to 50°C DB for cooling and -10°C DB for heating. They feature flexible zoning capability and a fully integrated 8 Zone controller which helps you reduce energy consumption considerably by switching unused zones off. ActronAir's ESP Plus’ Energy Smart Zoning can sense when zones are switched on or off and intuitively adjust airflow and system capacity so that at night, when don’t need to cool the whole house this feature will help you save a lot of energy.

So when you choose an air conditioning unit, make sure you choose a manufacturer that knows the uniqueness of the Australian climate. With ActronAir you can’t go wrong. Having provided Australian households the kind of ducted air conditioning units that best adapt to their environment and lifestyle. Since 1984, ActronAir will not disappoint you.

Talk to the friendly team of air conditioning experts about their range of ducted air conditioners, packaged air conditioners or even commercial air conditioners. They’ll be glad to run you through all the differences and features and help you select the unit that best matches your space.

To find out more today, visit www.actronair.com.au.

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