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ActronAir Air Conditioning Sydney

Is saving energy on top of your priority list? It should be – it´s good for your finances and for the environment. What´s the smartest way to go about it? Using an air conditioning unit intelligent enough to zone your home into different areas.

ActronAir´s ducted air conditioning units offer a Smart Zoning feature capable of operating in as many as eight zones - or as few as one. By switching off different zones, energy consumption is reduced. But unlike most ducted air conditioners ActronAir´s packaged air conditioners can sense when zones are switched on or off and intuitively adjust airflow and system capacity, reducing energy usage significantly. So at night, when you only need to keep bedrooms comfortable ActronAir´s air conditioning units will save you a lot of energy bills.

So when you choose your new air conditioner, make sure ¨energy-efficiency¨ is one of the qualities you look for. And when you make a final decision, consider a ducted air conditioning manufacturer that understands the needs of Sydney residents – consider ActronAir.

Why ActronAir? Simply because ActronAir is true blue Australian. Founded by Garry Mundy and his two sons in 1984, ActronAir has invested decades in offering Australian customers the quietest, most energy efficient air conditioning systems in the world.

Whatever your needs, ActronAir will help you find the air conditioning unit that is right for you - whether it is a powerful commercial air conditioner or a residential ducted air conditioner.

To find out more visit www.actronair.com.au today.

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