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And Then There Were 3

BRAND NEW THEATRE SHOW! Set to tour Nationally in 2014! Like us on Facebook and keep in the loop.

Guy and girl are in the beginning stages of a gorgeous new relationship. Things are great. They're in love. But suddenly girl looks down and notices a 9mths pregnant belly and feels the urge to push - and scream! So begins the story of And Then There Were 3.

This new theatre show is set to open at the Street Theatre in December this year with a regional tour planned for 2014. Written by husband and wife team Craig and Michelle Higgs, the play started out as a comedy revue on parenting and through the Street Theatre's Hive program, has progressed into a hilarious yet poignant story of an unsuspecting couple struggling to come to terms with what it means to be a Mum and a Dad.  

With abstract set, larger than life baby puppet and scenes which will have you either laughing or crying with compassion - And Then There were Three is sure to resonate with any parent whose first child didn't come with an instruction manual.

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