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Baby Huggles

Baby Huggles Comfort Buddies provide reassurance during times of change and also play a role in helping babies and toddlers cope when they become worried tired or afraid.

Capitalizing on babies keen sense of smell, it is recommended that parents keep the buddy with them in order for it to absorb those familiar and comforting smells associated with Mummy or Daddy.

These buddies have no facial definition. This is intentional so as to stimulate a child's creativity and imagination in determining the facial feature that is relevant to a child's mood. A happy child will play with a happy comfort buddy, but in times of stress or sadness then these comfort buddies are great companions. The magic of simple, creative play is so very important for the developing child.

Made from quality, natural materials of bamboo and organic cotton, these buddies are neither harmful to your child or the environment. These flat companions are beautifully soft to cuddle and are designed with knots for those teething months.

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