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Sometimes it seems like you need eight arms to manage modern life: one hand for keys, one for bags, one for your phone, one for each of the kids, one for your garage remote... wouldn't it be great if some of those things were a little easier to get at?

BeadID specialises in a unique gift: beaded lanyards that combine the personal style of a necklace with the practicality of a lanyard! These lanyards are available with attachments for all kinds of things you don't want to have to dig through your bag for: keys, passes, mobile phone pouches, pens, glasses or USB keys.

A great gift idea for those in busy professions - nurses, mums, teachers, doctors, childcare workers, office staff - or anyone who wears glasses, BeadIDs are an elegant and uniquely personal replacement for ugly nylon lanyards, and a great way to add some personal style to a uniform!

Each lanyard has an OHS-compliant magnetic breakaway clasp, with an optional security chain for when you're using it with valuable items like phones or purses. There's also a wide selection of attachments and accessories, including lobster claw clips, retractable ID holders, key rings, purses and mobile phone strap attachments with easy-detach clip buckles.

Visit beadid.com.au to view our range or make a purchase

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