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bOTS By Gabrielswardrobe

bOTS By GabrielsWardrobe is your one stop cloth nappy shop for great quality, cheap cloth nappies. We are a family owned and operated business that sells 2 ranges of cloth nappies to suit all budgets.

We have our BASIX range which is you ever-popular pocket nappy that can be purchased from as little as $4.95 per nappy in bulk packs.

We also have our PREMIUMZ range which was designed and created by mum herself. This nappy is an all-in-3 nappy and will provide you with many different uses and will give your baby the best fit through all the bodily changes they will grow through and is the easiest cloth nappy to use that will never leak when done up correctly.

So for quality and easy to use modern cloth nappies head to www.botsbygabrielswardrobe.com and receive free postage on all orders over $20.00.

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