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Hi, I’m Trudy and Bump N Baby is my second-born. Based in Toowoomba and being a first time mum myself, I learnt how incredibly daunting the experience of being pregnant and then having a baby to care for can be. My prenatal pillow gave me so much comfort through those days leading up to becoming a mum that I realised I could help others by sharing my discoveries.

I aspire to make life less complicated for you by offering high quality, useful baby goods in a single baby store online that will enrich your mothering experience. At Bump N Baby, you will find a range of prenatal and baby gear that my family and I have tried and absolutely love.

Maternity and Baby essentials that you can afford.

From nursing and prenatal pillows, to nursery décor, to toddlers lunch boxes, I’ve tried them all! Bump N Baby has the best of everything you will need. That said, I understand that being on maternity leave often means that the budget is tighter. Bump N Baby is one baby store online that will stretch your dollar further, without compromising on the quality you need. Everything I sell, I have used on my journey as a first time mum myself. You can be guaranteed that Bump N Baby will only sell baby goods that I am happy to use with my own family.

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