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HAAN Steam Mop Cleaner Australia


As a young Korean housewife and mother, Romi Haan had an idea that would free homemakers from laborious chores. Because such importance is placed on maintaining a clean floor, Korean women wash floors daily. Frustrated by the time and effort required to keep the floors in her home clean and sanitary, she set out to develop easy-to-use products that would clean and sanitize through the power of steam.

Romi, who started the HAAN Corporation in Korea, worked with a group of talented engineers and product designers to develop an easy-to-use steam mop that would clean, sanitize, and endure everyday use for years. She created more than a line of innovative steam products. She founded a company synonymous with serious engineering, quality materials and stringent manufacturing standards.

HAAN steam-cleaning tools were an instant sensation. In fact, a recent Gallop poll showed that in Korean homes that use steam, 3 out of 4 choose to do so with HAAN. Since introducing HAAN products to the US in 2007, millions of consumers have added steam to their cleaning routine for a quicker, healthier way to clean. Just a year after coming to the US, The Wall Street Journal named Romi Haan as one of "The Top 50 Women to Watch", and she continues to garner national and international media interest.

HAAN is recognized as the market leader and an innovator in steam technology. Romi Haan and the HAAN Corporation are committed to advancing steam technology and developing products that help customers spend as little time cleaning as possible!

HAAN Australia official brand store: www.haanaustralia.com.au

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