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Jax Coco

Jax Coco is a brand of premium coconut products that combine the world's finest coconuts with high-quality, sustainable production and stylish, contemporary design. 

Our range includes:

  • Australia's only 100% pure, micro-filtered coconut water

  • Extra-Virgin Centrifugal Coconut Oil. Raw, Organic & Fairtrade Certified.

  • Kidz Juiceboxes. Up to 70% less sugar than regular juice, made with ONLY coconut water and pure fruit puree / cocoa.¬†Available in Chocolate, Banana, Guyabano, Calamansi and Original.

"Jax Coco is delicious and 100% natural, it is the perfect drink choice to keep you hydrated as part of a well-balanced diet" - Jamie Oliver

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