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LCF Fun Languages – Perth

The FUN way to learn another language! French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian and German for kids 2-12 years.

LCF Fun Languages is Australia’s No 1 choice for language learning. Designed over 25 years, our methodology teaches languages with a FUN and ACTIVE approach that will get your child using the language quickly and naturally!

Our lesson plans include a wide range of activities to cover all learning styles including quiet and lively Games, Music & Song, Drama & Role Play, Activity sheets.

Exposing your child to the world of language boosts their brainpower, vocabulary and self-esteem. The earlier the better!

NEW CLUBS STARTING IN YOUR AREA Please call 0423 931 888 for more information or visit us at www.lcfclubs.com.au to register for a FREE TRIAL LESSON

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