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Lifestyle La Vie was created by Luke and Nicola La Vie to help people to create a peaceful life and business. We help people to identify the root cause of issues and challenges and provide simple, practical solutions. We provide this in the form of the following four consultations

- A Happy Home with Feng Shui Gong - Our home is an extension of our personality.  Through applying Feng Shui Gong, an ancient Chinese art, we can make changes to our homes to clear any blocks which have prevented us from living a whole balanced, life.

- Peaceful Living Consultations - these are one-to-one consultations where we look at an individual's life issues which may range from relationships, finances, health and well-being, emotional challenges, career challenges, self-care, time management and organisation, to name a few!

- Business Success with Feng Shui Gong - this is similar to the A Happy Home with Feng Shui Gong, however it is more complex as there are a number of different personalities within a workplace that will be impacting on the harmony and success of the business.  One of the key complexities that we look at is the communication and relationships between staff members, customers and suppliers, discovering together the issues being faced and providing simple effective tools to solve them. 

- Healthy Business Consultations - these are one-to-one consultations that delve into the health of a business. We look at the root cause of any problem areas in the business and share simple practical tools that will address these and bring the business back into a state of health.  Solutions will also be provided to help maintain the health of the business.  

Nicola and Luke La Vie have been using Feng Shui Gong for a number of years and have trained extensively with No. 1 Bestselling Author, Personal Development and Feng Shui Gong Expert Mike Robinson.  Mike has shared his expertise on Feng Shui Gong through magazines, newspapers, Australian TV and on UK TV Show 'Housebusters'.  

Nicola and Luke have both faced significant struggles in their lives and in order to overcome these struggles they have examined the many different aspects of what it means to be truly healthy and happy and what prevents us from being so.  They have learnt many different skills that help them to stay in balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  As they have examined these on such a deep level they know that they can help others to do the same. Many of the solutions to living a happy, healthy life come in the form of simple, practical and easy to implement tools.

Both Luke and Nicola have the ability to listen without judgment, which enables a deep understanding of people and the challenges they are facing.  Through their personal struggles and diverse professional experience, they are aware of a wide range of solutions to the problems that individuals, families, couples, and businesses face.

Thankyou for taking the time to stop by.  If you would like more detailed information then please visit www.lifestylelavie.com or email [email protected]  

Nicola and Luke La Vie

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