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You don't have to be an executive business person to be an entrepreneur, we have people from all walks of life living an entrepreneurs life, from Doctors to plumbers and stay at home mums & dads.

Entrepreneurship starts with a just a single thought and the willingness to see that thought through to reality.

If you have been laid off, downsized or are simply tired of corporate politics and want to reclaim your life then entrepreneurship might just be for you.

I am looking for creative and energetic people who believe given the right opportunity, tools and training they can build a future they really desire a future with a real work/life balance.

I am offering those who have a desire to create a positive change in their life the opportunity to build their own independent business partnering with a US based company operating in over 50 countries, we work in the booming positive media, personal empowerment and wealth creation industry.

Experts in the HOME BUSINESS industry have described our business model as "A refreshing alternative to a traditional franchise"

 We Offer

1. A simple 3 step system which allows you to work smarter not Harder

2. Full system training to get your business up and running

3. Flexibility to work when and where you choose (full time or part time)

4. Comprehensive coaching and mentoring

5. The ability to set and achieve your own income goals

This is a HOME BASED BUSINESS that can offer you the work/life balance you deserve

You Will Be

1. Motivated to succeed

2. Someone with a "can do" attitude

3. Coachable

4. Tired of working for a boss

5. Prepared to roll up your sleeves and get the job done

If you feel it is time for change and can commit 15-20 hours per week to build a better future for yourself and your family then we need to talk. We will need 5-10 minutes for an initial, very informal interview, get in touch today by completing the contact form at: http://lovelifeandprosper.com and I will be in touch.

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