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Miglio Designer Jewellery

Fifteen years ago, the shared passion and combined creativity of Jenny and Mike Miller led to the launch of their designer jewellery brand Miglio. Having already achieved success as jewellery manufacturers, their desire was to give something back to their local community. This led to them launching what has become a premium direct selling jewellery brand. They focused on motivating, teaching and empowering individuals to start their own businesses selling Miglio jewellery and encouraged them to embark on their own journey to success.

Today Miglio Designer Jewellery is sold through a growing global network of Independent Style Consultants.

Jenny Miller continues to directly oversee the creative process. From conceptualising the range to final assembly, her attention to detail is infused into every aspect of the process. She travels frequently in search of new raw materials, from precision cut Swarovski crystals to exquisite semi-precious stones in inspiring colours, which form the basis of each new collection.

Miglio Designer Jewellery offers unparalleled versatility and is affordably priced within the reach of all fashion conscious individuals. Miglio Designer Jewellery has become synonymous with versatile glamour, and many pieces can be combined and interchanged allowing Miglio clients to create endless combinations which enhance their own unique personal style.

Is this the business opportunity you’ve been looking for?

Miglio style consultants have the opportunity to be a part of the exciting world of fashion and reap amazing rewards. Full-time, part-time or anytime, you have the flexibility to manage your business the way it suits you.

Have fun while you earn...

You already love the jewellery - from here all it takes is one small step to ignite the chic lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of...

Run your very own business and be rewarded for excellence. Miglio creates the most flexible social selling business for the new style entrepreneur.

With a low start up cost, the support of a dedicated and passionate team at Miglio, amazingly versatile jewellery, online training and marketing material, you simply have to be successful.

With Miglio you can expect:

• a generous 30% trade discount from day one,
• an exquisite, on trend, designer product range that will sell itself,
• a rewarding start up programme to set you on the road to success,
• a career path to suit every level of ambition,
• events, workshops and product launches to keep you up to date,
• quality product catalogues and marketing materials,
• a flexible hostess rewards program,
• the latest training material designed to support a budding entrepreneur,
• recognition and reward for outstanding achievement,
• an annual travel incentive to different luxury locations,
• the opportunity to support charitable causes through your business,
• to meet interesting people and build lifelong friendships.

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