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Norwex Neenee’s Way

Norwex ? 

Have your ever heard of   NORWEX ??

It is the BEST Cleaning  Product/s   I  have ever found...

0467  886  476

[email protected]

Cleaning  Neenee's way with Norwex is the best. Running a sucessful small Cleaning Business whilst using Norwex has had many benefits...

Including & not limited to -  Making me time efficient / Saving me hundreds of dollars in consumable products / Safe for my health / Safe for the enviroment /  Easy to obtain / Product support .

To believe it,   is to see it in action...

Take a Norwex cloth, ADD Water , ring out excess water, Now START  to CLEAN

Please call / email / visit my  website to find out how Norwex  CAN CHANGE  your  WORLD

(without chemicals)...

I'm available for all inquiries.

Janine Fraser - Owner/Operator

Neenee's Neat & Tidy Services


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