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Feeling Overwhelmed

Is managing the demands of family leaving you a little overwhelmed? Let us help you to learn the skills you need to manage better and live the life you deserve.

Optimum Living Can help you.

Psychologist, Muriel Bergel from Optimum Living provides counselling and coaching services especially for mums. Her main focus is to help you effectively deal with the daily issues that you may face that impact on your mental health and well being.

Muriel can provide counselling and coaching for:
• Perinatal mental health issues
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Parenting issues
• Pregnancy support
• Motherhood stress and anger
• Increasing happiness
• Finding yourself after motherhood
• Work and family balance

Call Muriel today on (02) 9016 7197 for a friendly 30 minutes chat over a cup of coffee to see how she can help you, or visit www.optimumliving.com.au for more information

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