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Our children are learning about mobile technology as fast as we are too, thanks to the plethora of learning apps and games available. Which brings us to the problem: expensive, glossy, fabulous mobile technology VS grubby handed, clumsy and cranky-prone children.

Powered Life gets it. We bring together all the best solutions for protecting and powering mobile technology into one place - www.poweredlife.com.au.

Tough cases for mobile phones and tablets use protective materials to give your gear the edge when your kids push it over one. Cases for iPad/tablets that are designed for use by children are built differently. They have a thicker frame or another device to make it easier for small hands to grip the tablet securely, even when the game gets intense. Plus high quality seals to keep muck out of sensitive ports (banana in your USB, ma’am?).

The new ‘black’ in protective cases are waterproof cases. Junior drops your iPad in the bath while you weren’t looking? Teething toddler gnaws on your S4 while you are at the checkout? No problem – a high quality waterproof case will protect your gear.

Helpful accessories including a kid-friendly stylus, thicker and easier to grip. Pram or bike mount. iPad case with a wall mount so that you can cook with ease in the kitchen.

Portable and solar power packs as small as an iPhone can be the back up power you need for emergencies, or solar packs can mean a camping trip WITH mobile distraction. Nice...

To be sure you can really rely upon a tough case, ensure that you buy a genuine brand case, as the cheap copies just don’t have the same engineering and quality. The cost of a fake case is a broken device – and that is just not worth it. Powered Life has 100% top brand products with 100% top quality, and full warranty.

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