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Sandbox Tees – Plunket Group

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, ‘Sandbox Tees’ was set-up and run by volunteer mums (most of whom are members of various Plunket committees) in an effort to raise much needed funds for our national icon and universally loved, Plunket (Royal NZ Plunket Society - Auckland City Area Inc.).

Our unique tee designs reflect the experience we all face as parents and caregivers alike. We aim to delight our customers (big and little) and provide high quality products in return for the greatly appreciated (and needed!) purchase/donation cost.

The original Plunket Fundraiser T-Shirt has been in full swing since 2010, but this year we’ve given ourselves a name and a new website to help streamline the experience for both our customers and volunteers behind the scenes.

Every sale goes a long way to helping the kids and families in our communities - buy a tee (or 2) and tell your friends!

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