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Scent of Hope Candles

Scent of Hope is a boutique range of 100% soy candles, made in Melbourne.

All the products are sourced from Australian suppliers and are made from natural, recyclable products. Scent of Hope candles are poured for you, so they are always fresh for each order.

Scent of Hope candles would make a great gift or a great addition to your own home. Great idea for baby showers, hens days, parties weddings etc. All labels and candles can be customised to suit every occasion.

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Scent of Hope Candles~
Small (up to 18 hours burn time) ~$7 each or 4 for $25
Comes in a gift box individually or in a four pack gift box

Medium (up to 33 hours burn times) ~$14
Comes in a gift box with lid

Large (up to 48 hours burn time) ~$24
Comes in a gift box with lid

XL (up to 63 hours burn time) ~$34
Comes in a gift box with lid

Melts- for oil burners~ $6
Comes in melt container with ribbon


Black Raspberry Sugar
A deliciously sweet fragrance of warm vanilla sugar and juicy sun ripened black raspberries.

Cappuccino Hazelnut
Fresh strong espresso combined with hot frothed milk and sugar.

Coconut Lime
The ultimate refresher - a tantalizing fusion of fresh coconut, lime and invigorating verbena soothed by luscious vanilla. A classic which remains irresistible.

Cotton Candy
Just like fresh cotton candy from a country fair! The sugary strawberry and sweet vanilla notes throw great in paraffin and soy waxes.

Crème Caramel
A decadent dessert blend of rich buttery caramel, infused with pear and spiced with clove, cinnamon & nutmeg.
Indulge in the buttery company of the lovely creme caramel.

Cucumber Water
A refreshing fragrance of ozone ("fresh air"), lime, pineapple and melon with middle notes of cinnamon, white floral and cucumber with a light musk base.

Fig and Melon
A fruity combination of peaches, apples, strawberry, lemon, Pineapples & Melons with floral nuances of jasmine and wild roses.

A bouquet recreating the scent of one of the most beautiful flowering trees.

French Pear
Originating in France the fragrance is rich juicy and meltingly smooth. An amazing pear fragrance.

Greentea and Lemongrass
This refreshing scent combines the sophisticated notes of green tea, lavender and jasmine with the clean notes of lemongrass to create this unique fragrance.

Japanese Cherry Blossom
A well balance floral combination of pink Japanese cherry blossom and mimosa flower petals finished with clean warm notes of tonka bean, vanilla and oriental woods.

An enchanting meadow fringed with springs of lavender. Relaxing and soothing.

Lemon Myrtle
Fresh green herbal notes perfectly combined with citrus to create this unique Australian scent.

Lime, Basil and Mandarin
Fresh zesty citrus notes of lime and mandarin under toned with notes of basil and herbs. Helps alleviate any stress and revitalizes.

Mango and White Tea
A delectable fragrant treat of juicy, ripe mango and peach flavors. White tea is an ancient blend created from the tips of tea buds before the tea leaf blossoms, and is the perfect combination with these fresh fruit notes.

Musk Stick
Let the strong aroma invoke your child hood memories of playing and having fun.

Orange Vanilla
A delightful combination of juicy sweet orange enhanced by silky smooth Tahitian vanilla. A perfectly balanced infusion, using a palette of juices.

A wonderful aroma of freshly sliced pomegranate

Rio De Janeiro
Exotic and wild, a rich fruity scent of passionfruit & lime top notes with middle notes of raspberry & orange and a base of red rose and honeydew melon.
A nice sharp contrast, half lime, half kiwi with partial notes in between

Bursting with flavour, after the first smell you'll have a new favourite.

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