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Activities, tips, and printable resources to help in educating your children @ ONLY $25/year for thousands of downloadable pages. There are 2 websites to choose from - Primary (K-6) or Early Childhood (preschool to Year 1). Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for even more great ideas.

Always have something on hand to keep your children busy, your house full of colourful posters and your children's education moving. We have posters, worksheets, craft, reading tips, maths tips, letters for teachers, labels, colouring sheets, activities for special events such as Easter and Christmas, pre-handwriting and handwriting printouts, spelling lists, alphabets, play dough mats, colour and shape posters, season posters, ready for big school booklets, threading cards, rewards charts for home and so much more for only $25/year with new resources added EVERY WEEK.

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