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The Mik Maks

The MikMaks are one of Australia’s most popular children’s entertainment bands.

The four brothers and their lovable friends, Drums the Panda & Bruce the Hairy Crocodile, write and perform their own songs.

Audiences are captivated by their cheekiness, quirkiness and musical talent.

Today, the MikMaks have become one of the best children’s entertainment bands in Australia who know how to make children and adults laugh, smile and dance.

The Mik Maks brothers consist of Joel (blue jacket), Alan (orange), Brian (green) and Dean (Pink)

The Mik Maks perform for festivals, Christmas carols, fundraisers & corporate events.

For all enquiries please see us at www.themikmaks.com.au or https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-MikMaks/#!/

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