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Trench Safe

Plug Mate simply slides onto the end of your power lead plugs to prevent pin damage caused by dropping heavy tools or accidentally stepping on them. Pin damage that is costly to repair and can occur when you’re not even looking.

No longer will you have to down tools and wait for hours for a sparky to work his magic, watching money go down the drain on expensive repairs and lost work. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

Plug Mates are inexpensive, durable and come in some kickass bright colours so they’re easy to find.

You could save thousands of dollars each year by protecting your plug pins from damage. Plug Mate really is an essential part of every toolkit!

And guess what parents? Plug Mate makes your appliances safe too! With a Plug Mate attached, little tackers won’t be able to stick dangerous things into sockets. It’s easy to make your home, shed, event or workplace a safe one.

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