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Younique by Trina

You deserve to get only the best, and this is exactly what Younique has to offer. Younique’s products are available through web sites set up for each Presenter. This makes them much more accessible to women all across the country. Also, since makeup is a consumable product, customers keep coming back for more, decreasing the effort needed to find sales every month!

Is there anything easier than managing your own business over the Internet? You can host virtual parties and be connected with your clientele 24/7. Of course, you still have the flexibility to host home parties and participate in vender events if you want to! You have complete control over how you want to run your business!

Younique has a great compensation plan, where you start off earning 20% on all product sales (including your own), and can promote up to 30%! In addition, you earn your commissions daily. No need to wait until the end of the month for your payday! And, I will say this again – you start off earning 20% commission, even on your own orders. This means that you start off with a 20% “discount” on every product you purchase!

Check out my website at: www.YouniqueProducts.com/TrinaMathias

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