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Foodies! Have You Heard About The 3 Course Challenge?

Foodies! Have You Heard About The 3 Course Challenge?

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Foodies! Have You Heard About The 3 Course Challenge?

Food lovers all over Australia will be encouraged to ‘stay in and entertain’ this August to support clinical trials research, that aims is to save every life from breast cancer www.breastcancertrials.org.au.

World leading research organisation, Breast Cancer Trials, is calling all bon vivants to join their 3 Course Challenge www.3coursechallenge.com.au.

This challenge of life-saving proportions (or should we say portions) invites Australians to cook a three-course French menu and host a dinner party with a difference. Dinner party hosts will reach out to theirnetwork of friends and family to support them in their challenge of creating a delicious, three-course French dinner by donating to life-saving breast cancer trials research.

All those concerned they don’t have the culinary prowess to pull off a three-course French dinner party, need not worry, they will have Top Chef and TV Personality Manu Feildel by their side.

Manu will curate the French menu for the 3 Course Challenge and all registered dinner party hosts can join him for a livestreamed cooking class, giving them tips and tricks before they entertain, to ensure that their dinner party will be a delicious success.

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Hosts will have the chance to interact with Manu, asking him questions about his French menu throughout the livestream. Manu is passionate about supporting breast cancer research as his own mum, Evelyne, was diagnosed with the disease eight months ago. Fortunately, Evelyne’s cancer was detected early and after chemotherapy treatment, she is doing well.

The last few months have been tough for Manu’s mum who lives in a small village in France.

In lockdown and recovering from cancer, she is not allowed to see anybody.

The positive is that it has given her a chance to rest and recover. Watching his mother go through treatment was a challenging time for Manu who says, “Chemotherapy is a smack in the face. It really takes over the body.”

It was his mum who sparked Manu’s love for cooking while raising him in Nantes, France, saying she taught him everything he knows about food and cooking. Manu’s first memories of the kitchen are powerful watching his mum chopping apples for a sweet Tarte Tatin (apple tart), while delighting in the taste and scent of her cooking. It’s the pleasure of those moments that Manu has spent his life trying to recreate and he hopes the 3 Course Challenge will offer food lovers all over Australia the chance to share in that pleasure.

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Dinner party hosts will be given all the elements they need to make their event a fun French feast including access to a French Music Playlist on Spotify, templates for invitations and French games to play. With current international travel restrictions in place, Breast Cancer Trials hopes the 3 Course Challenge can bring a touch of France to Australian homes this August, and a reason for family & friends to get together to share in some good food for a very good cause.

Find more information on how you can join the challenge here: www.3coursechallenge.com.au

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