Meet the NEW SAHM Baby! We Introduce You To “SAHM Membership and Giveaways”

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Meet the NEW SAHM Baby! We Introduce You To “SAHM Membership and Giveaways”

Stay at Home Mum is launching a new Membership Site

with EXCLUSIVE content and MEGA Giveaways 

Join NOW and Win a Louis Vuitton Collection Valued at $6,680

(with a certificate of authenticity)

Sophia 3 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

I gotta admit my heart is racing at the nervous excitement of finally sharing this news with you all. I think I might just pass out.

Grab a wine (or a cuppa) and join us in a cheers.

Drum roll please….

We would like to welcome you all to our brand new Membership and giveaway site.

What’s Included In the New Stay at Home Membership Site

The new membership site is going to have exclusive rich content for members only.  Members will also get access to:

  • Exclusive Freebies, Giveaways, Samples and Offers
  • Exclusive discounts from online retailers & services
  • Access to premium content & ebooks
  • Savings on energy, mobile and broadband, fitness and education

Our members will have the best that Stay at Home Mum has to offer. We will be continually adding new features all the time – because we believe members should be rewarded for their loyalty!

Click HERE to Join now!

Win a Louis Vuitton Collection Valued at $6,680 (with a certificate of authenticity)

Forget emojis, the GIF keyboard iPhone app is here and it's a game changer | Metro News

Please have a look around, get to know the place. See what you think.

Please be a little bit patient with us. It is all so new and exciting, but we can’t wait to see it grow.

The site will continue to evolve with so much valuable information and content on its way, we barely know where to start. We want you to also help us make it the best it can possibly be.

A Bit About Stay at Home Mum

In case you are new around here, we would love to welcome you to the SAHMily!

Stay at Home Mum was founded in 2011 by Jody Allen as a way to help people save money, plus Jody didn’t much fancy the ‘perfect mum’ image projected by many of the parenting websites at that time.  Jody wanted a website for normal Mum’s.  Mum’s that love Kmart and feed their kids chicken nuggets and say ‘fuck’ unapologetically.  When she couldn’t find one – she created one. Fast forward 10 years later, we have 5 best selling books (published by Penguin Random House), we have over 11,000 articles on our website and have had over 165 million page views. Stay at Home Mum continues to go from strength to strength.

We are a proud, female-led, independent small business, based in Gympie in regional Queensland.

Sophia 2 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Stay at Home Mum is full of advice on everything from parenting to sex, recipes, things to do and all kinds of tips and life hacks.  All this is ‘By Mums, for Mums’.  Not by so called ‘parenting experts’ – many of whom don’t even have kids and don’t know what it’s like to be in the trenches!

Our Community Matters at Stay at Home Mum!

Here at Stay at Home Mum we are all about connection and support. We love our little SAHMily and think it is super important to come together and have a great network around you, especially at times when things get tough and COVID keeps changing our everyday norm. Who does Covid think it is?!

We are all better together, right!  Stronger. Wiser. Better. Plus any excuse to make new friends and have a “whine” together.

Come join us and help us grow our newest addition. Who doesn’t love to spoil a new baby? We certainly feel like giddy new parents at the moment.

F5A9759 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Our first amazing exclusive giveaway, valued at $6,680 is a chance to win a genuine Louis Vuitton collection (from Louis Vuitton Australia).

Purchase one of our exclusive memberships to enter.

F5A9696 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au


Prize includes:

1x Pochette Métis Monogram
1x Neverfull MM Monogram Canvas Beige
1x Zippy Coin Purse Monogram Brown
1x Travel Set Fragrance collection

F5A9757 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Enter here!

How to Become a Member:

All of our membership packages are a one-time payment only.  Each package includes an amount of competition/prize entries for you to win our promotional giveaway. Terms and Conditions are listed on our new membership site.

  • Bronze Membership will give you 7 days of membership and 1 prize entry.
  • Silver Membership will give you 30 days of membership and 5 prize entries.
  • Gold Membership will give you 90 days of membership and 20 prize entries.
  • Platinum Membership will give you 180 days of membership and 50 prize entries.

Join up here!

So now we can breathe a bit easier after sharing our exciting news. We would love to have you jump on board and help us spread the news of the latest SAHM adventure.

SAHM Membership and Giveaways | Stay At Home Mum

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