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Win Dilmah Tea for a Year!

Win Dilmah Tea For a Year!!!

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Win Dilmah Tea For a Year!!!

Win Dilmah Tea For a YEAR!!!!!

Dilmah Tea recently held a very fancy high tea event held at the Sergeant’s Mess on the waterfront in Mosman, right on the banks Sydney Harbour. Invited were all of Australia’s biggest and best influencers to try the delicious range of Dilmah tea, and to be served by Celebrity Chef Peter Kuruvita, who cooked up a storm of tea-infused food which blew our minds and to sip on delicious tea-infused cocktails!

Hosted by Dilmah O.G. Dilhan Fernando (who has the most AMAZING accent you have ever heard!) we learned about how the tea is harvested, which can be compared to harvesting grapes for wine.  The leaves are harvested depending on the time of day, what the weather is doing, monitoring the heat – and the tea can have a different flavour depending on all of these events.

Dilmah Tea | Stay at Home Mum

Jody from Stay at Home Mum and Dilhan Fernando from Dilmah

To taste the tea properly, Dilhan taught us to ‘Slurp’ our tea.  Which was hilarious seeing all the fancy fashion bloggers swigging tea back like they were hocking a loogie!  But slurping really did make the tea a ‘sensory’ event – you couldn’t just taste the tea, it became a whole experience!

I was lucky enough to be invited into the kitchen to witness Celebrity Chef Peter Kuruvita weaving his cooking magic.  Check out the video on this incredible tea-infused chocolate dessert he made. It was even more delicious than it looks! (For those who want to know what it was, it was a chocolate ‘cage’ with fresh raspberries, tea-infused salted caramel, honeycomb pieces, and raspberry dust).

Because I am not one of the classy influencers, myself and fellow dag Jason from The Simple Cooking Channel were having bets on which of us could eat this dessert in one bite.  Unfortunately, we failed, so we had to have a few goes at it!


Dilmah has an amazing range of beautiful teas available on their website, so I definitely encourage you to go and have a look. I like their Premium Ceylon Tea, but have also started getting into their Infusions range (which are absolutely fabulous as an iced tea!)

Pop over to the Dilmah website now and use the special code “10OFF60” at checkout to grab yourself a discount! This code is only valid until 10th September, 2019.

You can also enter our giveaway to Win Dilmah Tea For A Year!!


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