Woolworths Animal Cards Are Back and Your Kids Are Going to Go Nuts:  Here’s Why”¦.. 

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Woolworths Animal Cards Are Back and Your Kids Are Going to Go Nuts:  Here’s Why”¦.. 

They’re baaaaacccccckkkkkk! And I’m sure your kids are just as excited as mine. Grocery shopping just got a whole helluva lot easier for us and fun for them with the return of the much loved (okay, borderline on obsessed) Super Animals Sound Cards.

Super Animals Album 1

Super Animals Hit Woolworths Stores This Week!

Last year my kids were two of the thousands across Australia that came across the Aussie Animal Trader Cards through Woolworths. And this year, Woolworth’s have teamed up with Taronga Zoo again to feature a whole new set of Super Animals. That’s right guys they’re not just regular animals. These are the super ones the fastest, the loudest, the strongest, the weirdest, the fiercest, the deadliest.

I can see my children salivating already.

Discover the Woolworths Animal Cards

There will be 108 different animal cards to collect, plus the Super Animals activity and collector’s album for $5 AND the new Sound Card Reader for $6. For every $20 you spend at Woolworths, you will receive 4 free Super Animal sound cards.

We got to trial the new super animal series before they crash into stores today! And I think it’s only fair of me to warn all parents out there – be prepared for extreme excitement, howling, growing and roaring from your kids for the next month.


Super Animals Cards


Here’s why Let the fun begin

The Sound Card Reader Are you ready for this? The new Super Animals come with this incredibly cool sound card reader where you simply swipe the sound card through it and it plays the sound of the animal on the card. And then, if you’re kids are anything like my kids, they repeat the sound, on full volume, for hours and hours on end.  God love them.

The Superness of these Animals There are some brand new animals that I actually didn’t even know existed. Wolverine, for example”¦Did you know Wolverine isn’t just a shirtless Hugh Jackman? It’s an actual animal folks! Well”¦ let’s just say that my X-men obsessed four year old has slept with his Wolverine animal card in one hand and his Wolverine Lego figurine in the other since the Super Animals Cards arrived at our doorstep.

The Borean Slow Loris? The Strawberry Poison Frog? Yep.. These exist and they are some of the deadliest animals on the planet (take that Brown Snake, you don’t even make the list). There are heaps of other super awesome animals to discover and 100’s of interesting facts to learn about each.

The Coolness of the Activity and Collector’s Album Last year’s album was pretty cool. It featured slots for all the different animals based on their habitats. This year the Activity Book is 15 times better. Seriously. The graphics are insanely awesome; there are pages and pages of different activities, quizzes and games”¦AND there are still slots to place each collector card based on the superness of each animal. Well played Woolworths. Well played.

Super Animals Album 2

Super Animals Album 3


Super Animals Activities Take the Obsession to the Next Level

Okay”¦ so in addition to doing the activities in the Activity and Collector’s Album and listening to the various animal sounds on repeat with the Sound Card Reader, we’ve come up with a few other really fun ways to keep the kids loving their Super Animal sound cards.

Share your own ideas in the comments below we will feature our favourite ideas at the end of the month through our social media outlets!

  1. Get Animal Obsessed in the Kitchen

Create some fun animal themed treats with the kids. Here are some of our favs:

  1. Play Memory

If you’ve got doubles, then use the doubles to create a memory game. Simply place all the doubled animals on the floor, animal side down, and let your kids take turns turning two over at a time, until they find the matching pair. You can also play Go Fish if you have doubles.

  1. Create Homes for the Animals

If your kids are into pretend play, then stage the house into an animal kingdom. You can create different continents or habitats. For example, create a tropical swamp for the Saltwater Crocodile and Southern Cassowary; set up a jungle for the Lion and Cheetah and create an ocean for the Narwal and Southern Elephant Seal. Get creative use playdoh, clay or texters to add the trees, grass, mountains, lakes, etc.

  1. Host a Super Animals Sound Card Swap Party

Once your kids start collecting you may notice they are getting a lot of doubles but missing a few. So get your friends with equally-obsessed-super-animal-kids for a swap party. We did this last year with Aussie Animals and our four year olds all sat in a circle, comparing cards and bargaining their trading terms.

Start your Super Animals Sound Safari!

Because”¦guess what ladies and gents”¦.The Super Animals series launches this week. Swim, crawl, run or slither your way into your nearest Woolworths. Remember you get 4 free Super Animal Sound Cards for every $20 spent at Woolworths. The Sound Readers are $6 each and the Collector’s Album is an additional $5 each with 50 cents from every album sold being donated to Taronga Conservation Society Australia.

We predict a month of animal obsession may be in the cards. Good luck to everyone out there see you on the other side!

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