Celebrity Sex Scandals

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Celebrity Sex Scandals

When it comes to sex, everybody loves a good scandal and when it happens to the most famous people in the world, the tabloids can’t keep up with demand nor can we wait until the next sex scandal scoop. Here we take you back to some of the most memorable celebrity sex scandals in recent history.

Woody Allen, Director

Eccentric Hollywood film director Woody Allen, famous for such films as Midnight in Paris and Blue Jasmine; was in a long term relationship with actress Mia Farrow before embarking on a twisted love affair with none other but Mia’s own daughter! Granted her daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, was adopted, but this didn’t stop the tongues from wagging. When confronted by the mediFlashBack Fridays - Celebrity Sex Scandalsa about his affair, Woody simply said, “The heart wants what it wants”. The couple married in 1997 and have two children together.

Hugh Grant, Actor

British heart throb Hugh Grant, famous for his role alongside Renee Zellweger in the Bridget Jones Diary movies, was arrested in Los Angeles in 1995 after being caught in a rather compromising position with prostitute Divine Brown. What astonished the world was not the fact he was caught with a prostitute but rather he was in a relationship with the stunning Liz Hurley at the time. A fine and a public apology on the Jay Leno Show later, it seemed everyone had forgiven him. Everyone, except Liz that is.

Charlie Sheen, Actor

And the awkward moment when you are subpoenaed to give evidence against one of Hollywood’s biggest Madams, Heidi Fleiss, who is facing a conviction for tax evasion because of her high end prostitute ring in the early 90s, only to admit to the court (and the world) that you have spent more than $50,000 in a two year period at her establishments for services rendered. Well, that you remember anyway. More or less, right Charlie?

George Michael, Singer

Busted in a public toilet at a park in Beverley Hills, George Michael was arrested by an undercover police officer for what was described as engaging in a lewd act. After a string of suspected drug related public outbursts, this careless whisper finally led him to reveal to the world he was gay and he defended his right to pursue gay sex wherever he pleases, public toilets included.

FlashBack Fridays - Celebrity Sex ScandalsTiger Woods, Golf Royalty and Super Philanderer

The countless affairs golfing legend Tiger Woods admitted to in 2009 has almost over shadowed how his promiscuous behaviour was first uncovered to the world. After crashing his car into a tree outside of his home in Los Angeles, it is alleged Tiger had been attacked by his wife, blonde beauty, Elin Nordegren, with none other than a golf club after she discovered his affair with nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel. We can only imagine Elin’s reaction when she discovered this affair was one of dozens during their marriage. Probably didn’t use the putter club that’s for sure”¦.

Do you love a good celebrity sex scandal? What is your most memorable sex scandal?

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