One Hit Wonders of the 90’s

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One Hit Wonders of the 90’s

When I think of the nineties, I think of finishing high school, reaching adulthood, and hitting the clubs and pubs with my mates. The one thing that went hand in hand with all of these pivotal moments in my life was music and there was plenty of it. Some of my all-time favourite songs stem from this decade even if they were one hit wonders. Here are some of the most memorable one hit wonders of the 90s.

Jump by Kriss Kross

Kriss Kross, a duo of boys aged 12 and 13; hit international success with the release of their single Jump from the album Totally Krossed Out. Jump remained the fastest selling single for 15 years after its release in early 1992.

by Snow

Released by Canadian rap star Snow in 1992, the song Informer was allegedly based on the attempted murder charges he faced back in 1989. When questioned about the song in an interview in 1999, Snow said it was based on a ‘couple of bar fights’.

Sweat (A La La La La Long)
by Inner Circle

Hitting number 1 in countries all around the world, Sweat was released by Jamaican dreadlocked reggae band Inner Circle in 1992. With its catchy chorus of “A La La La La Long” it’s no surprise this hit remained in international charts for months, even making it to Triple J’s Hottest 100 in 1993.

Save Tonight
by Eagle-Eye Cherry

Son of famous jazz musician Don Cherry, Eagle-Eye Cherry (yes, his real name!) released Save Tonight in 1997. Although music runs in his blood, this acoustic sensation was his only musical release that made it big internationally.

How Bizarre
by OMC

Reigning from New Zealand, pop duo OMC released How Bizarre in 96. The catchy lyrics soon made their way all around the world making it an international smash. Much to the dismay of his band partner, lead singer Pauly Fuemana branched out on his own still using the band name but without success. He died in 2010.

Mambo No. 5
by Lou Bega

With his long list of women, German pop star Lou Bega hit the music scene with his memorable one hit wonder Mambo No. 5 in the late 90’s. Based on a tune composed back in 1949, Bega simply ‘jazzed’ it up a bit and added his lyrics about dating a number of women at the same time.

by Chumbawamba

Commonly mistaken for “I Get Knocked Down” because of the words in the chorus, this upbeat song from UK band Chumbawamba caused all sorts of confusion after it was released in 1997. Americans were unsure of the meaning behind the words “P*ssing the night away” but here in Australia, there was no such confusion. We all know this means a big night on the grog.

The Bad Touch
by Bloodhound Gang

Is this song called “The Bad Touch”? I always thought it was “Do it Like Mammals”. Known all too well for their controversial lyrics, music videos, and sexual colloquialisms, who could forget the Blood Hound Gang. Actually, you’d be forgiven if you had forgotten; We haven’t heard much from them in the last 10 years either. Released in 1999, we saved one of the best until last.

Do you remember these hits from the 90’s? What is your favourite one hit wonder from the decade before technology took over the world?








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