10 of the Guiltiest Dogs on the InternetWhen cuteness is their saving grace!

I think what I like the best about dog shaming is that I don’t have a dog. I have a couple of kids who have committed similar acts of filthiness, but they haven’t quite chewed holes in the walls or rolled in poop. Wait, no, I’ll take that last one back.

Dog shaming allows people to get it off their chest in the most public of forums, the internet. A place where people can congregate and laugh about their dogs misdeeds, lest they weep in woe of having to clean up afterwards, a good Chux always helps!

Here’s 10 of the guiltiest dogs on the internet:

1) Now we know who cut the cheese.

The one time you blame it on the dog, it actually was the dog! And in a meeting no less. I hope they’re dog people or else things could go sour!

10 of the Guiltiest Dogs on the Internet - Stay at Home Mum
via dogshaming

2) It’s bad enough cleaning sick up off the floor let alone the couch!

Wretch! All in the nooks and crannies, and cushions and fabric… Blugh!

10 of the Guiltiest Dogs on the Internet - Stay at Home Mum
via dogshaming

3) OMG! The last thing you want strewn about the house is a crappy nappy!

Ew, gross! And the second last thing you want is to have to clean up the same poop twice. Shudder.

via dogshaming

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