7 Toddler Rules Parents Need To Live ByIn their quirky, little own world!

Toddlers don’t come with a Jo Frost manual yet they have their own code of conduct inherent in their DNAs that drives us crazy.

Now you go figure which part of their monstrosity they’ve inherited from you.

Maybe we should blame the genes or whatever. But these little tots are notoriously erratic but they do have a natural potion to make us laugh while watching their big, naive smiles in their startling fiasco. Now that they have proven they have a mind of their own, the traditional disciplines may work for some time but their eccentricity never fail to makes us in awe and say Uh Oh….It makes me think sometimes if I’m raising a toddler or it’s the other way around.

via www.storyofthislife.com
via www.storyofthislife.com

Thad and Esther Anderson of Rochester, New York in the US are happy to share their side of story on The Story of This Life while raising a dominant toddler Ellia. In their blog, they are not afraid to show the world their parenting adventures and everything in between and Ellia’s many mischievous moments.

via www.youtube.com
via www.youtube.com

In this video, Toddler Rules , these quirky parents discovered a few toddler rules and gave some helpful tips in underrating clutters and surviving the terrible twos.

Cut the cwap (crap!) and watch this video with the funniest tips ever!

What other toddler rules would you like to add on the list? 

Share your funny, cwap moments with your tots!

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