A Man Asked His Wife To Draw What Was On Her Mind

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A Man Asked His Wife To Draw What Was On Her Mind

Assuming he would receive a standard, passive-aggressive “fine”, a man on Reddit asked his wife what was on her mind.

I hear you, we’re all thinking, “tread lightly mate!” But instead, his wife grabbed a piece of paper and drew exactly what she was thinking.

All of it.

A superbly detailed mind map of all thing things she was thinking, all at the same time.

So This Is What Happened When A Man Asked His Wife To Draw What Was On Her Mind

Asked my wife to draw me a picture of what is on her mind. This is her response. - Imgur

Her concerns are the usual things that are on all our minds too.

“Laundry, dinner, dishes, upstairs” and “I have student debt” made an appearance, “Did that person look at me funny? Am I looking at them funny?” and my personal favourite, “My kids are so awesome and evil at the same time”.

“I would kick a puppy for some damn peace and quiet!”

Like us all there are some really random thoughts like, “Feel feminist guilt”, “Feel the Bern, but don’t tell Dad!” “Doctor Who theme tune”. Not immune to body issues either, the woman writes, “My boobs won’t stay in my bra (they betray me)”.

Stephen, the woman’s husband get a special mention at the top flanked by hearts, well we hope it’s her husband’s name anyway, “Makes me happy, make him happy, is my best friend, we should do it now.”

whats on a womans mind

The mind map has been viewed over 2.3 million times, with one viewer commenting: “As another woman, yep. Really difficult to explain to husband. Should just start drawing diagrams”¦”

I’m down with that, you?

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