Dear Feminists -Barbie And New Wave Feminism"You don't even know what I'm gonna say yet femi-bitches, calm your twats."

“It’s the sound of thousands of unshaved legs running to their keyboards to get real mad at me.”

Because #Feminism.

In an effort to contradict #feminist’s argument that fellatio is degrading, Nicole Arbour believes girls should be giving more blow jobs. So much so, that she suggests women organise worldwide simultaneous BJ’s so when men ‘slip into their post nut bust coma’, women can disarm all the nuclear bombs. Happy days.


With Barbie as her idol, Nicole refutes that Barbie promotes unhealthy beauty expectations for girls.

“Barbie taught me that I can be whatever I wanna be, and look good while doing it.”

“Barbie has every job, her own car, her own house and Ken, is her accessory.”

With yet another viral video Nicole shares her demure thoughts on #Feminism.

Don’t be deceived people, while her loose mouth might enrage you, Nicole said in an interview with The View that all her videos are satire and she’s being silly and having fun, “The whole thing was a joke.”

Watch the recent video Dear Feminists and test our tolerance with a 2016 kind of humour.

If you find this offensive, Nicole would think you lack a sense of humour!

What are your thoughts?

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