English Bulldog Puppy Feels the Rain for the First Time...And She Doesn't Seem to Know What to Do With It!

There’s nothing like the feel of the rain for the first time — and that sure is no exception for this cute puppy.

This huggable English bulldog puppy’s expression as she feels the rain for the first time is absolutely cute!

In this video on YouTube, 13-week-old Shelby can be seen sitting under the rain, but as drops fell on her coat, she seemed to be bemused and tries to bite off every drop her mouth gets and looks up in the sky, puzzled as to where the drops came from.

This delightful moment was filmed by her owner Vonny Robertson, who lives in San Francisco and also shares it in Instagram. Watch this:

The video has now gone viral with more than 1.3 million views.

Isn’t this little one so adorable?

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