How do Kids Eat? These Mums Sure Know How!

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How do Kids Eat? These Mums Sure Know How!

When kids eat, they look cute!

Like annoying-and-hassle-with-all-the-cleaning-up-needed-afterward cute. But when mums eat — like kids — they’re hilarious!

Aside from playing, kids look their worst when eating. Well, kids are not kids if they don’t spit out and throw food they don’t like or play with their food, talk with their mouths full, drink like they’re the most thirsty people in the world, and just making a huge mess.

A sketch comedian group of mums called The Breakwomb came up with a hysterically funny idea of acting out how kids eat.

How do Kids Eat? These Mums Sure Know How!
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In this video, three mums are talking to each other (like they made sense) while eating their food the way their kids do. Watch how these mums look diisgustingly cute while imitating how kids eat.

This video has now more than 430,000 views on Youtube!

So, how do your kids eat?

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