Mum Gives Daughter One Helluva Snapchat ScareWatch How Daughter Screams Her Heart Out With Mum's Scary Look

Aside from nurturing and giving what’s best for their kids, during Halloween season, some parents just want to ‘show’ them the worst.

A clever mum has availed of this new feature in Snapchat that could scare the hell out of you — and this Halloween season, it sure has scared the hell out of kids!

In this video, a mum showed her daughter, who appeared to be eagerly waiting for what’s going to happen, her face turn purple with a moustache using the app. The mum then opened her mouth in a scream that startled her daughter, who let out a real scream and grabs her blanket for cover. See the horror in the poor girl’s face in this video:

It may be funny to some, but other parents slammed parents scaring their children with this Snapchat filter, saying the nightmarish masks are cruel to kids, leaving most of them in tears. However, parents spreading this horror to their children found the terrifying filter just for fun.

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