The Cutest Father and Son Dance Challenge You’ll Probably See All Day

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Like father, like son. This is what is shown in this cute video that has gone viral with over 32 million likes on Facebook!

In this video uploaded on Facebook by JO-G, this dancer dad may have passed on his genes to his cute toddler as they both gamely danced to the beat in this hysterically funny father and son B-Boy dance challenge.

The father can be seen doing his amazing hip-hop moves in front of his son, who intently watched his moves while moving his head to the beat. When it was his turn, he happily jumps up and down and around the room, giggling uncontrollably until he drops to the floor.

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His dad once again leaped and jumped on the bedroom-turned-dance floor, while the cute toddler claps his hands while cheering for his cool dad. Check out the cutest dance moves you’ll probably see all day!

Since it was uploaded in November last year, the video has spread more good vibes across the world and has now over 32 million likes and counting!

Don’t you just love this father and son duo?

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