The Hilarious Attempts of a Bedtime Bandit

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The Hilarious Attempts of a Bedtime Bandit

This is the kind of break-in that every parent will appreciate! Warning, parental guidance is certainly advised.



Children can be so stubborn when they badly want something. They will always try to find a way to get hold of a toy, gadget or anything with their smart ways. But sometimes you don’t know whether to praise them for their cleverness, or punish them because it’s downright naughty!
Two-year-old Kyle Moser who goes by a unique moniker the “bedtime bandit” has gone viral with his keen trick to steal his sister’s unicorn pillow pet!

Watch how this clever boy perfected an amateur mission impossible-like operation

ABC News reports Kyle, who goes by the name ” Bedtime Bandit”, was caught by his tenacious parents Joann and Mike Moser, from Utah in the US, when they set up a camera after their 8-year-old daughter Andrea told them her little brother was stealing things from her room at night. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they witnessed their toddler execute a cunning way to steal the unicorn pet pillow.

“Kyle has always been one to fiddle things and try to see how things works. We were impressed that he found the fingernail clippers in his room, flipped them open and used those to open the door,” Moser said.

The next day, Kyle  sat down with his parents for a lesson on not unlocking doors, and in the genuine innocence of a 2-year-old, the smart toddler got it. On the other hand, his sister Andrea was proud of Kyle’s wit at his age even if he nabbed her pillow.


How would you react if this was your child?

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