The Most Annoying 7-Hour Road Trip Ever!We find the funny and bring them to you!

Road trips with anyone from the family is almost always never enjoyable.

I mean, would you not want to get out of the car when you’re stuck there — for hours — with the same people who are with you at home?!

Well, this crazy (but too adorable for words) brother just annoyed the hell out of his sister.

How would you react if your brother lip synced to each and every tune on the playlist, without his energy faltering within those seven hours of driving. Yes, his energy is infectious!

Watch ’til the end — the finale is just perfect! And hey, don’t worry, you won’t be watching the entire 7-hour clip.

Ever since Brian Anderson (White Rhino) uploaded his video on Youtube on August 2, it has garnered more than 2 million views in just two weeks! His sister, Ashley, remain to be.. unimpressed.

PS. We always encourage wearing of seatbelts (it’s the law!) so make sure to buckle up, no matter how short your car ride may be.

Have a spirited, wacky day!

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