This Boy’s Reaction to Becoming a Big Brother is AdorableNo sibling rivalry guaranteed..

 Parents of multiple children know that sibling rivalry will (almost) always be inevitable.

But take Ethan (nope, not the peanut butter baby), a five-year-old Brit boy, as an exception.

This video is uploaded by the mum Sarah Bromby, 28, who was of course, delighted that her son is looking forward to the birth of the baby as well.

He even had to ask his mum multiple times if she was really, truly pregnant. “I hope you’re not joking!” he says as his mother laughs at his reaction. “He can sleep in my bed, if you want.”

We can’t help but be just as excited as Ethan. An interview with Sarah by the Scunthorpe Telegraph says Ethan actually wants a little sister but knows he can’t choose.

Mum is excited to find out the baby’s gender this month but the adorable big brother may have to wait until January to see the baby in person.

Oh, that cute accent, the facial expressions and the hilarious reaction — we could just watch and watch this video for hours!

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