Videos To Laugh At: Annoying Woman On The Phone

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Videos To Laugh At: Annoying Woman On The Phone

Mums may seem to have superpowers but not forever — so here at SAHM, we try to entertain you with a few laughs.

And why not? Laughter is the best medicine — and cheaper than the doctor’s prescribed drugs!

Are you in for a funny break?

I guarantee, 60 seconds is too long before you laugh from this one.

We all have our own pet peeves, right?

And when we our just too exhausted with our own gigs, people know best not to do anything to annoy you. Or else — ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!

Pretty sure many of us could relate to that, huh?

SAHM is not liable to any damage you will cause if you do this at home..or in public. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. LOL

Have a hilarious Friday!

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