Web Funnies

Had a bad day? Kid’s driving you nuts? Need a good belly laugh to get those endorphins flowing without diving into the chocolate stash? Then you need a dose of SAHM Web Funnies. Beware the following videos may result in the need for new underwear. Funny stuff right here!

Last week I found Ray Jessel, a contestant on America’s Got Talent. He is cute as a button with an awesome sense of humour.
Watch Ray’s performance here:

This is one of my favorite videos from The Ellen Show, I can totally relate to this; I’m terrified of the dark.

I loved this clip, it gives guys a deeper understanding on how much effort women put into looking good. So guys please cut us some slack if we are running late.

I don’t think that when this young girl sat in the dentist chair that she would be giving deep dark secrets away. So funny but has made me not want to go under in the chair

Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweet segment cracks me up every time.

Who is your go-to comedian or TV show when you need a good giggle? 

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