Parenting – You’re Doing it Wrong

Seriously, I love Buzzfeed and this Buzzfeed article 25 People Who Haven’t Quite Figured Out Parenting Yet is another gem. Get ready to feel better about your parenting skills. Kids didn’t sleep today? Meh. Didn’t feel like cooking so gave in to Hungry Jacks? Whatev. You’ve got nothing on these people. Number 12 is my favourite!

For more hilarious parenting moments, be sure to check out:

Check it out here:

Buzzfeed Parenting Fails

Thank you Buzzfeed for being so awesome. 

But wait… there’s more!

Here are some more articles that redefine the phrase “parenting – you’re doing it wrong”.

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If you happen to stumble across any hilarious parenting fails, please please please share the love and upload the link or images in the comments!! Share the love. 



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