Watch How Kids React To The First iPod

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Watch How Kids React To The First iPod

Kids say the darnest things and here is SAHM’s daily dose of laughs just for you, straight from the kids’ mouth…

Kids nowadays have become more and more technologically inclined. They basically spend numerous hours of gadgets everyday and pretty sure mums and dads out there can relate to the convenience it provides, especially as it baby sits the child while we take on our chores at home. (Nope, we are not encouraging you, just citing a realistic situation here.)

But technology wasn’t always that high-end and it did start out as seemingly stone-age inventions, if you try to look back.

Just look at these kids react to the 1st iPod ever released back in 2001.

Inconveniences such as having no apps (you ONLY play music in these?! *insert more question marks and exclamation points), no Wi-Fi connectivity and having to connect headphones to hear music are among the things that the kids react to.  Whomever here spent their 500 USD on this cinder block, dinosaur-age piece of crap?  *Locks self in room and cries self to sleep.*

Don’t feel too bad about it, they do share a few words of wisdom on why we thought it was such an amazing breakthrough back then.

BUT — you will feel OLD. Don’t watch if you’re too touchy on that subject…

I’m pretty sure it’ll get you to giggle though!

Cheers to *old* age and crappy technology!

Have an entertaining Sunday!

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