Woman Hilariously Sings Heavy Metal Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

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Woman Hilariously Sings Heavy Metal Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

The recipe that comes with most hilarious and hard rock cooking instructions you’ll ever find in the internet. 

Linzey Rae shows the world how a rock chic sings her way in making a delectable Irish dish, a Shepherd’s pie recipe, with her metal parody of The Great Unknown by The Ghost Inside band.

Linzey who belongs to a metal band named The Anchor from  Denver in the US made this spoof to help raise money for The Ghost Inside after a tragic tour bus accident in November last year.

The video was shot in Linzey’s kitchen where a cat is seen eating leftover on a cutting board while Linzey was looking nice and sweet in a dress. You’ll be in awe when she brings out her grunge side to her cooking instructions, while mixing carrots, peas, meat, flour, mashed potato to whip up a tasty flavour of this casserole dish. One hilarious line from the spoof which made us roll in laughter was ‘Home cooked meals do less to my thighs,”. Some people think Linzey’s faking her voice but boy oh boy, this girl sings like a rockstar! Follow her on Instragram.

Woman Hilariously Sings Heavy Metal Shepherd's Pie Recipe

 Warning: watching can make you “eat a can of cheese”.

The hardcore cooking instructions of an all-time family favourite dish!

In case you might not have gotten the whole instruction because you’re too busy laughing, here’s the recipe.

Taste it. Love it. Let’s go! Rock!

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