Animal Activities to Do With Your Kids

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Animal Activities to Do With Your Kids

If your kids are anything like mine, then they will love all things animals. And, thanks to Woolworths we’ve come with up some woolieskids1awesome animal activities to do with your kids. My youngest son is currently learning all about native Australian animals at kindy and every day he comes home with a new favourite animal.  At the moment when he grows up he wants to be a crocodile.  I’ve had a hard time finding a crocodile suit but I was able to track down two dinosaur suits that resemble my son’s animal-du-jour. In fact, both my kids love them so much that nothing, not bedtime, not school and definitely not a trip shopping, would convince them it was time to take the outfits off.aussie animal cards1

Animals Are Everywhere At Woolworths

When we headed into Woolworths dressed as dinosaurs this week I was surprised to notice that they didn’t even stand out. That’s because Woolworths is currently promoting their new Woolworths Aussie Animals Collector Cards and thus the whole store has a mad case of jungle fever as well!  Woolworths has teamed up with Taronga Zoo to showcase these educational and visually stunning flash cards, perfect for little hands and eager minds. There are 108 to collect and you receive a pack of four cards for every $20 you spend in store or online. We picked up a few packs as well as the Activity and Collectors Album to store the new animal cards.

Aussie Animal Collector Card Activities

wooliesscrapbook1We’ve only had the Aussie Animal Collector Cards at home with us for a couple of days now and my kids haven’t put them down. They are fascinated with the pictures and I’ve had to read the blurb about each animal at least twenty times now (if anyone wants to know anything about the White Backed Magpie or the Bandy Bandy Snake, just ask me!)

So far we’ve:

  • hidden the Aussie Animal Collector Cards outside and played ‘hide n seek’ with them
  • arranged the animals by colour, habitat and alphabetically
  • created a ‘home’ for each of the Aussie Animal Collector Cards using construction paper (and a lot of imagination). We’ve made green trees, brown sand and a blue ocean floor
  • drawn our own animals freehand but with the images on the Aussie Animal Collector Cards as our inspiration

Additional Animal Themed Activities

WAAC-recipe5-1With school holidays coming up we’ve decided to continue with our theme of all things animals and get creative in the kitchen.  For lunch today we’ve enjoyed Reef Sandwiches with Penguin Olives and for dessert tonight I’m attempting the Sea Turtle Cake. My eldest has decided we have to make something featuring his favourite Aussie Animal- the echidna while my youngest  suggested we make something, you guessed it,  related to his good ol’ friend the crocodile. Stay tuned for our creations next week!

Head outside and take in all that nature has to offer with these additional animal activity ideas:

  • Head to your local pond armed with bread and feed the ducks
  • Check out your local aquarium or zoo
  • Go bird spotting down by your nearest boardwalk  (you may luck out and see a pelican)
  • Find the various butterfly species at your nearest botanical gardens
  • Get grubby in the garden and dig for worms
  • Go on a scavenger hunt for different wildlife pictures at the local museum or art gallery
  • Get up close and personal to ocean life with a day trip to an island, reef or pontoon. It’s whale watching season in some areas of Australia!

In the meantime, head online for additional ideas on games, recipes and activities involving Aussie animals, brought to you by Woolworths. Go behind the scenes of the Aussie Animals TVC ad and get your kids excited about filling out their Activity and Collector’s Album by flicking through the various habitats and pages online.

The promotion started 18 September and will continue until stocks last. For more information, check out Woolworths.

Watching my kids get so excited about animals is a great feeling, especially when I know they are learning at the same time. And I can’t wait until next week when we do another shop and my sons choose the next animal du-jour (hopefully they won’t make me buy costumes again though!) Tell us, what animal is your little one obsessed with these days?

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Please note: This is a paid (sponsored) post by Woolworths Supermarkets.

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