10 Photos of Gross Feet That’ll Make You Want To Treat Your Feet BetterWarning: Gross Images Ahead!!!

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  • 10 Photos of Gross Feet That’ll Make You Want To Treat Your Feet Better

** Warning Seriously Gross Manky Images Ahead**

If you don’t like feet, then you’d better look away now, because we are about to show you some of the mankiest looking cankles, bunions and callouses you’ve ever seen.

These photos will surely hurt your eyes or make your tummy turn….and will make you wanna take care of your feet better!


If you have a cast iron stomach and can deal with it, then scroll on down, my friends!

Now I bet this poor dude didn’t wear comfy shoes to work every day…..

10 Photos of Gross Feet That'll Make You Want To Treat Your Feet Better
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You’ll wish you had taken care of those toes better!

Oh dude… why did you let that fungus infected toenails get so bad… didn’t your manicurist say something?  Fun Fact:  The first shoe dates back 40,000 years!

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Gross but watching callouses get removed can be satisfying.

Note – do not use a razor blade near your feet….   Looks like this poor person was on their feet A LOT!

But if there was a job going that could do this skin removal thing professionally – I think I’d be in! That or a professional pimple popper!

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I’m going to assume this person wore shoes too small and uncomfortable for them!

Ohhhhhhh now that’s got to hurt.

People, your feet need to be looked after…Did you know that your feet continue to grow throughout your entire lifetime (in fact you need to check the size of your shoes every few years – as they change over time).

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Foot cheese is an actual thing.


In fact in 2013 there was a Foot Cheese Exhibition in Ireland that features several varieties of cheese made from the bacteria from feet, as well as some from belly buttons and armpits.  Yummy!

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I can literally feel the pain of walking around with feet like this.

Got sweaty feet? Not surprisingly the average pair of feet has over 250,000 sweat glands.

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