10+ Photos of Gross Feet That’ll Make You Want To Treat Your Feet Better

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10+ Photos of Gross Feet That’ll Make You Want To Treat Your Feet Better

** Warning Seriously Gross Feet and Manky Images Ahead**

If you don’t like gross feet, then you’d better look away now, because we are about to show you some of the mankiest looking cankles, bunions and callouses on gross feet that you’ve ever seen.

These photos of gross feet will surely hurt your eyes or make your tummy turn….and will make you wanna take care of your feet better!

If you have a cast-iron stomach and can deal with it, then scroll on down, my friends!

The feet are gross. We’ve all had to come face to face with gross feet sometime in our lives, and the experience is not something we enjoy. Whether looking in the mirror at our gross feet or somebody else’s, it’s not a pleasant experience.

We need to start taking care of our feet better, especially given the gross photos that are becoming more commonplace on social media! From bunions to corn to nail fungus and an alarming amount of hair, these photos remind us why taking care of our feet is so important.

Now I bet this poor dude didn’t wear comfy shoes to work every day…..

You’ll wish you had taken care of those toes better!

Oh dude… why did you let that toenail fungus get so bad… didn’t your manicurist say something? He needs one of those Nail Fungus removal Treatment Cleaning Lasers – stat!

Fun Fact:  The first shoe dates back 40,000 years!

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Gross Feet via

Gross but watching callouses get removed can be satisfying.

Note – do not use a razor blade near your feet….   Looks like this poor person was on their feet A LOT!

But if there was a job going that could do this skin removal thing professionally – I think I’d be in! That or a professional pimple popper!

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I’m going to assume this person wore shoes too small and uncomfortable for them!

Ohhhhhhh now that’s got to hurt.

People, your feet need to be looked after…Did you know that your feet continue to grow throughout your entire lifetime (in fact you need to check the size of your shoes every few years – as they change over time).

Foot Cheese is an actual thing.

In fact, in 2013 there was a Foot Cheese Exhibition in Ireland that features several varieties of cheese made from the bacteria from feet, as well as some from belly buttons and armpits.  Yummy!  Foot Cheese looks a lot like Cottage Cheese and it is caused by a build-up of bacteria and sweat.  Foot Cheese is totally preventable as it is caused by a lack of hygiene. 

So wash your feet people!

I can literally feel the pain of walking around with feet like this.

Got sweaty feet? Not surprisingly the average pair of feet has over 250,000 sweat glands.

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Nope! Ain’t touching that!

Another fun fact is that women have four times more foot-related problems than men. The reasons include the increased weight during pregnancy, wearing high heels and carrying children around.  Even more reasons to ensure that you get good foot support.

A moment of silence for all the people whose job is to touch feet like this…….

Fun Fact: Sometimes surgeons use toes to replace lost thumbs. I feel this person would make an excellent candidate!  And on top of that 1% of children are born with an extra toe!

Cankles (Fat Ankles)

Cankles are ‘fat ankles’ that are usually found in women who have gained a significant amount of weight due to over-eating or pregnancy.  Alternatively, sometimes Cankles are caused by congenitive heart failure.  They are always something you should have your Doctor check out. Was just prescribed phentermine 37.5 mg on 5/25

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Did you know that the best time to buy new shoes is in the afternoon – as your feet do tend to swell a little during the course of the day.

Plantar Warts

Plantar Warts are hollow circular growths on the bottom of the feet that grow ‘inwards’.  They are caused by the HPV virus and usually will go away on their own after a few years. Alternatively, there are a few plantar wart treatments you can purchase at your local Chemist that will remove them.

Gross Feet

Ingrown Toe Nails

Ingrown Toenails | Advanced Foot & Ankle Care Specialists
What is a Matrixectomy and Why do I Need One?: Jairo B. Cruz, DPM:  Podiatrist
Ingrown toenail - NHS

There are No Words for These Gross Feet

Ok brb.. Gonna get my feet pampered now because I can’t imagine mine looking like this…….

10 Photos of Gross Feet That'll Make You Want To Treat Your Feet Better | Stay At Home Mum

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