11 Life Changing Bra Hacks

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11 Life Changing Bra Hacks

It’s 2017 and still no one has mastered the art of wearing a bra. 

The weight of the world is really on a woman’s shoulders with underwire stabbing your ribs out and straps digging into your shoulders. If I could, I would go braless but there’s no way that’ll happen with my tatas!

Buzzfeed gives your chest a breather with tips and tricks for your bra needs. Your boobies will thank you with these 11 life-changing bra hacks to make your life easier… and much more comfortable.


The video shares some cool ideas to make wearing a bra comfortable. Some of these hacks include a nifty paper clip to make it to a racerback, a pantyliner to cover underwire sticking out and a salad spinner to dry your bras the faster way!

Still not convinced? Watch this video.

Amazing hacks every woman needs!

What’s the most annoying part of wearing a bra?

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