25 Hilarious Job Ads That Are Too Funny Not To Share

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25 Hilarious Job Ads That Are Too Funny Not To Share

Nowadays, there are so many job advertising techniques that it has become almost impossible for one to be catchy.

So recruiters have to think outside of the box and conceptualise literally out of this world ideas to get the attention of people – and thus the emergence of hilarious job ads!

Check some of these ones out for a giggle!

1. Well, at least there are french fries.

McDonald s Honest Job Advert 119544 | Stay at Home


2. I see green, do you?

3676796768 | Stay at Home

3. At least it’s clean, very minimalist!

clever advertising | Stay at Home

4. As it happens, you got a point.

a80f94f43238466e944d8d53a3aa836f | Stay at Home

5. On the positive side, at least I can look like one of his forces.

85744046 | Stay at Home

6. Obviously.

1866b21748f84621a2a89dd0664f4475 | Stay at Home


7. This is very, uh, primary school.

LiQWJC4h 1 | Stay at Home

8. Very specific.

help wanted sign signs that make unemployment more appealing clipart | Stay at Home

9. Maybe this person is waiting for a miracle.

that one funny job ads | Stay at Home

10. I’ll just get my lightsaber, I can’t die just like that!

84563894 | Stay at Home

11. “I’m sorry but this is really very so super urgent! Seriously.”

now hiring sign.57b5d3cc799da | Stay at Home


12. You’re the one who’s going to use them after all.

3d678fcb6b30d43b8e55120d954948a4 | Stay at Home

13. Oh, I’m sorry but I can’t reach you. My mind says Syntax Error!

200908061824081901 | Stay at Home

14. *alcoholic applicant breathes a very deep sigh of relief*

help wanted that sets | Stay at Home

15. Everyone has standards after all.

funniest job classified ads 20110902 1179250416 | Stay at Home

16. Oh boy!

help wanted 4 | Stay at Home

17. So, before you are even born, apply for a waitress job. You might get hired, who knows?

Pretty easy help wanted funny | Stay at Home

18. At least criminals are given the chance.

264 | Stay at Home

19. Who’s the weirdo? WHO’S THE WEIRDO??

evilgenius job ads | Stay at Home

20. Maybe I should consider that…not.

funny and weird advertisements 13 | Stay at Home

21. No sugarcoating please!

db1b8fda571be5e0595a91bdc2bc5551 | Stay at Home

22. Because who would want to work with lazy people, right?

84563886 | Stay at Home

23. If I send my CV and my portfolio, that would be 11.

designer detail test creative job ad | Stay at Home

24. Em sowri vut wuht?

17 creative recruitment ads that will bring a smile to your face with catchy phrases for job postings and dallas restaurant recruitment ad 1134x827px with catchy phrases for job postings | Stay at Home


25. Wow, very original.

tonic communications hungry designers wanted print 175348 preview adeevee | Stay at Home

Have you spotted any hilarious job ads on the street? Share them with us!

25 Hilarious Job Ads That Are Too Funny Not To Share | Stay At Home Mum

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