30+ of the Funniest Clothing Tags Ever

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30+ of the Funniest Clothing Tags Ever

They aren’t your usual tags but, you might take another look and laugh out loud.

We bet that some of us doesn’t really pay a lot of attention to clothing tags, but who would have thought that some brands can’t resist showing a bit of their “personality”.

We’d like to tickle your funny bone with these 30+ funny clothing tags that will make you laugh your arses off! These clothing brands really have a sense of humour! Check them out!

1. Rawr!!

2. Dating 101

3. Stating the obvious much??!!

4. Gender Equality


5. A Christmas-sy thought…

6. Because if you do, it’ll turn into a Gremlin!

7. Good advice…

8. Funny for who??


9. And thank her for everything she does!

10. Obviously.

11. Best and worst-case scenario…

12. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed…

 13. A friendly reminder – because nobody likes a dirty butt!

14. Wait…huh?!

15. Some parenting advice – this is for you Stan!

16. Unless you’re in a parallel universe!

17. A very dramatic shirt

18. Made for everyday adventure EXCEPT when it stinks!

19. Some guidance in life by a pair of jeans

20. Hmmm makes sense…

clothing tag dish ran away spoon | Stay at Home
via DeluxeCleanersNola

21. WTF ?!

22. Somebody in China needs to see a dentist

23. Made with a shit load of love (and some angst)

24. How to feel ‘small’…


25. Instructions on how to be a good human being:

26. Rhyming is at its best

27. Because they didn’t do anything to you!

28. Don’t…unless you have a 6 pack. Then carry on.


29. How can I inherently do good while looking good?

30. Wash and wear at your own risk!

Go check out your clothes if you’ve got some funny messages hidden there somewhere.

30+ of the Funniest Clothing Tags Ever | Stay at Home Mum

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