30+ of the Funniest Clothing Tags Ever

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30+ of the Funniest Clothing Tags Ever

They aren’t your usual tags but, you might take another look and laugh out loud.

We bet that some of us doesn’t really pay a lot of attention to clothing tags, but who would have thought that some brands can’t resist showing a bit of their “personality”.

We’d like to tickle your funny bone with these 30+ funny clothing tags that will make you laugh your arses off!

These clothing brands really have a sense of humour! Check them out!

1. Rawr!!

30+ Funny Clothing Tags | Stay At Home Mum

2. Dating 101

3. Stating the obvious much??!!

4. Gender Equality


5. A Christmas-sy thought…

6. Because if you do, it’ll turn into a Gremlin!

7. Good advice…

8. Funny for who??


9. And thank her for everything she does!

10. Obviously.

11. Best and worst-case scenario…

12. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed…

 13. A friendly reminder – because nobody likes a dirty butt!

14. Wait…huh?!

15. Some parenting advice – this is for you Stan!

16. Unless you’re in a parallel universe!

17. A very dramatic shirt

18. Made for everyday adventure EXCEPT when it stinks!

19. Some guidance in life by a pair of jeans

20. Hmmm makes sense…

clothing tag dish ran away spoon | Stay at Home
via DeluxeCleanersNola

21. WTF ?!

22. Somebody in China needs to see a dentist

23. Made with a shit load of love (and some angst)

24. How to feel ‘small’…


25. Instructions on how to be a good human being:

26. Rhyming is at its best

27. Because they didn’t do anything to you!

28. Don’t…unless you have a 6 pack. Then carry on.


29. How can I inherently do good while looking good?

30. Wash and wear at your own risk!

Go check out your clothes if you’ve got some funny messages hidden there somewhere.

Don’t forget to share them here!

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